Grease Trap Cleaning

SWS offers a reliable, cost-effective and experienced team to assist with your Grease Trap Cleaning

SWS offers a comprehensive and turnkey Grease Trap Cleaning service across Gauteng.  Our teams are made up of experienced and qualified professionals that have the best machinery available.

What is a Grease Trap

Grease traps are used primarily in kitchens although they can be seen in certain manufacturing plants too. Their function is simply to remove solids, fats, oils and greases from liquid effluent streams.

Most Grease traps are comprised of the following parts:

  • A solid particle interceptor – AKA sludge catcher.
  • A grease/fat interceptor – called the ‘stilling tank’ where FOG in dirty water is prevented from rising to the surface.
  • A small sampling chamber – where the improved quality of the cleaned effluent can be observed.

How do we service and clean Grease Traps?

The  SWS Team has a mobile unit which is able to operate on site giving you the satisfaction that, no matter where you are, we can assist with your grease trap cleaning.

Once we have extracted and cleaned the Grease Trap SWS disposes of the waste in accordance with all local legislature and compliance ensuring you maintain your compliance.

The Specialized Waste Solutions team has been operating for over a decade and have a relentless passion for quality and excellence. We look forward to understanding your specific needs further.

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