Septic Tank Cleaning

Get the best and most affordable Septic Tank Cleaning and Drainage service across Gauteng

SWS offers a comprehensive and turnkey Septic Tank Cleaning service. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified experts that operate the latest machinery available for effective and efficient septic tank cleaning.

What equipment do we use for Septic Tank Cleaning

We make use of the most efficient and advanced Honeysucker machines the market has to offer to ensure a class-leading Septic Tank Cleaning Service to you.

Our Vacuum units are able to hold  5000 – 12000 Litres of Waste so no job is too big or small. They are powerful enough to remove waste from a large municipal system without hassles or complications while still being light and mobile enough to get through smaller access areas in backyards and covered structures.

How does it work?

Honeysuckers AKA Vacuum Units are essentially industrial vacuum trucks. They have a pneumatic pump which completely removes the sewage in the safest, environmentally conscious and cost-effective way.

The honeysucker would pump out the waste from the septic tank into the vehicle’s tank.

What happens to the waste from the septic tank

Once this waste has been removed there are many uses for it depending on the contents of it.  Some examples of wastes use include fertilization for agricultural purposes; waste treatment plants and companies specializing in septic treatments.

The fact that the unit is mobile ensures we can offer a sewage removal near you across the Gauteng region and provide the same quality promise in some of the most remote and complex locations.

The Specializes Waste Solutions team has been operating for over a decade and have a relentless passion for quality and excellence. We look forward to understanding your specific septic tank drainage needs.

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