Sewage Removal

SWS Ensures your Sewage Removal is clean, Efficient and cost-effective

SWS offers a comprehensive and turnkey sewage removal service. Our team of qualified experts combined with our class-leading machinery ensures you have the best team on hand to assist with your sewage disposal needs.

How to dispose of your sewage?

We make use of the most efficient and advanced Honeysucker machines the market has to offer to ensure a class-leading Sewage Removal service.

How does it work?

Honeysuckers are essentially vacuum trucks that operate on an industrial scale. They have a pneumatic pump which completely removes the sewage in the safest, most environmentally conscious and cost-effective way.

The fact that the unit is mobile ensures we offer a sewage removal near you across the Greater Gauteng Region and provide the same quality promise in some of the most remote and complex locations.

The Specialized Waste Solutions team has been operating for over a decade and have a relentless passion for quality and excellence. We look forward to understanding your specific Sewage Disposal needs.

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